(Teacher should do visualization during process.)

"Relax and take your Meditative Posture and prepare for a deep level visualization meditation."

"Relax your body, take three deep cleansing breaths and place your attention on the center of your Brow, right between the eyes."

"Relax and visualize the color red moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Physical Body."

"Relax and visualize the color orange moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Emotional Body."

"Relax and visualize the color yellow moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Mental Body."

"Relax and visualize the color green moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Environmental Body."

"Relax and visualize the color blue moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Creative Body."

"Relax and visualize the color indigo moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Spirit Body."

"Relax and visualize the color violet moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Cosmic Body."

"Relax and visualize the color gold moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Master Self."

"Relax and visualize the color white moving all about you moving in and out you, feel Mastery over your Light Body."

"Relax and visualize yourself standings in a high mountain meadow. This meadow has beautiful grass and colored flowers everywhere you look. Sense yourself in the green meadow standing. Sense yourself feeling a gentle breeze and hearing beautiful song birds singing. Smell the wonderful fragrance of the flowers and feel the earth beneath your feet." (pause)

"Surrounding this beautiful meadow on three sides are beautiful high snow capped mountains filled with friendly wild life and beautifully feathered birds. Hear the birds song echo through the wind in the mountains covered with their tops covered with snow. Through this wonderful and beauty filled meadow flows a crystal clear blue stream whose surface in places reflects the puffy white clouds sailing gently and quietly across a blue summers day sky." (pause)

"Relax - enjoy the beautiful high mountain meadow. Look around. (pause) Now look into the blue crystal clear stream, see the way the current moves, see within the water a little fish - oh ! a little Gold Fish- sit down next to the stream, look at the little Gold Fish and feel yourself slip out of your body that is there in the meadow into the little fish In the water. Feel the water rushing past as you swim in the warm mountain stream. Sense yourself swimming down the stream in the meadow. The warm sun is shining into the water a it touches you, feel its warmth. (pause)

As you are swimming you are swimming closer and closer to a small waterfall. There is nothing to fear. It's a small gentle waterfall. it's only three feet to Jump down. Now you are in a large clear mountain lake. Feel yourself swing in the lake. Notice the water all about you." (pause)

"Notice the light rays shimmering as you are swimming in the water.The bright light rays are coming from above you into the water. You notice one particular bright shinning ray of light and as it touches you feel yourself as a little ball of light raising on a beam of light - up, up, upwards you go towards the surface of the lake. As a little ball of light riding on a beam of light you break through the surface of the water. Up, up, upwards you go through the Earth's Atmosphere -higher and higher - through the gently moving cloud. You are still are riding securely on a ray of light - moving out of the Earth's Atmosphere passed the Moon, towards the Sun." (pause)

"See the beautiful golden reddish orange sun. See how it shines radiant rays of light in every direction. You are on one of the Sun's rays moving across the Solar System past Venus, past Mercury, pass the little planet vulcan that is very close to the Sun. Look at the dark Space with it's little twinkling stars off in the distance shinning and see space all about you - you are safe in the ball of light riding on a sunbeam towards the Sun. Look around and see the planets and the stars." (pause)

"Closer and closer you come to the Sun - a flame of the Sun's light reaches out to touch you. you are now riding on the tip of this flame that touched you. Feel yourself descending to the surface of the Sun. You are in a White Fire Body of Light. You see other Beings on the Sun playing in the flames. Now you are lifted upon another flame. You are being lifted upwards again out, out, outwards at the Speed of Light into Space.

You see all about you, as you are accelerating in the Light, the color red above, below, on all sides - a Universe of red. As you are accelerating in the Light, now it turns to orange. You are accelerating now to yellow. you are moving faster and faster into the color green, now the universe turns to blue, feel your self within the blue moving fast.

(pause) Now you see Indigo of midnight sky-all about you. now the whole Universe turns to ultra violet, now all about you translucent gold, you move faster and faster until you are aware of what God is knowing. You are in God's great Omniscience Power.

(pause) Faster and faster you vibrate as your move into pure White Light. All becomes very still and you now sense God's Omnipresence - God is everywhere - You are everywhere - Now all seems to stop and you are suspended In clear still Crystal Light and you sense God's great Omnipotence. God is in all things - you are one with God - you are in all things. Relax and sense being in all things. Relax Let Go to God"

(pause for 10 to 15 minutes to let the students experience this exalted and blissful state.)

(The Teacher should see, visualize exaltation and bliss. Through silent prayer invoke the Holy Spirit to blanket the room. Meditative music can be played).

"AaaaaaoooooooooMmmmmmm, See yourself in the Crysta Light stillness See yourself as perfect Master of your Lifestream. Now you are moving in Creation as Infinite White Light."

"You turn into a tiny sphere of light. Now you as a little ball of light dive Into an infinite ocean of strong Translucent Gold."

"Now you enter into violet flames are blazing all about you, freeing you, freeing you. the Power of Transmutation is yours now."

"Ruby Gold- Golden Ruby, all about you. Mastery of the Wisdom of the Physical enters into your mind and you are the wisdom, you have the Power."

Green, Emerald Green Light, healing, healing, healing power enters into you - concentration, consecration.

Relax in the Light - White, Clear White Light, Clear Crystal Fire Light. Purified you have the powers of ascension, resurrection and perfection. You are the perfect God Being.

Pink, Rose Pink - Grace and Love, Love and as Love you are flowing through a river of God's Love and Adoration. Feel God's perfect love for you. caressing you, embracing you, lifting you.

Now into a stream of Golden translucent Light, flooding you now with realization, Illumination and purpose. You are the Mastery of your being. You are the Master of your seeing. now the soul is forever freeing you deep within your Being.

Blue, Crystal Blue, a boundless lake of truth and devotion, peace and faith. free from fear, free from doubt, casting want and misery out. Now your body and life Is filled with creative power, to be in reality. Now bring your self back and with inner strength strengthen your aura. Fill all the gifts and powers of god now in this time and this space, where you are at, in you now!!! (pause)

Bring yourself back into your body. Feel all that you have gained within you now. rub your hands together and slowly bring yourself back into this time and space. You can do this now!